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Good Friday


good friday was performed at the Flea Theater in 2019 and was directed by Sherri Eden Barber. The play begins with a college lit class of all women. Suddenly, shots ring out from across the courtyard and the girls have to shelter in place. My main job in this production was to create suspense and a believable shooter. The production took place in the Siggy, which is an intimate theater space and is difficult for creating distance. I utilized the architecture by placing speakers throughout the backstage area as well as several subwoofers. On the set, there was a corner that was meant to contain a window out to the courtyard. I put a small speaker underneath the window and focused away from the audience to the back of the corner to create a natural distanced feeling for the outside area. 


Sofia, a devout Catholic, confronts the gunman

Soon, the gunman is stalking the halls directly outside of the classroom and shoots several times. I used the backstage speakers and subs to create heightened footsteps, gunshots, and screams. Eventually, the gunman is in the classroom and several shots are fired into the ceiling. In a small space, I had to be cautious of hurting audience members' ears with a piercing shot sound. I instead relied on the subwoofer in addition to really pack the punch of the shot. 

Director: Sherri Eden Barber

Scenic Designer: Kate Noll

Costume Designer: Christelle Matou

Lighting Designer: Paige Seber

Projection Designer: Jess Medenbach

Sound Designer: Megan Culley

Stage Manager: Haley Gordon



"Megan Deets Culley's sound design effortlessly moves gunshot effects and footfalls around the room, adding to the sense of imminent peril." -David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America

"The ominous tone is magnified by sound designer Megan Deets Culley’s horrific gunshots and modulation of dramatic musical passages." -Daryl Reilly, Theatre Scene

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