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Ms. Holmes and Ms. Watson
Apt. 2B

Kate Hamill, Vaishnavi Sharma, Jason O_Connell, and Vanessa Severo in the world premiere o

Ms. Holmes and Ms. Watson Apt. 2B was performed at Kansas City Repertory Theatre in Kansas City, MO in 2022. This world-premiere production was written by Kate Hamill, who also stars as Joan Watson. This modern adaptation sees both Sherlock and Watson played by women, with Vaishnavi Sharma playing Sherlock. Set in London in the spring of 2021, the play sees the characters emerging from the pandemic and dealing with the ramifications on their lives. With the help of several familiar faces from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, the play breathes new relevance into a beloved world. 

Vaishnavi Sharma, Vanessa Severo, and Kate Hamill, with Jason O_Connell in the world premi

Mrs. Drebber retells the story of her husband's murder.

Vaishnavi Sharma, Kate Hamill, and Vanessa Severo in the world premiere of MS. HOLMES AND

Sherlock and Watson meet Irene Adler.

From the beginning of the design process, I was struck by the relationship between Holmes and Watson and how it drove the play forward. As soon as Holmes meets Watson, she drags her along into the chaotic world of deductive consulting. I wanted the audience to feel pulled wildly along with Watson. The transitions were driving and upbeat, underscoring the scenic movement on the stage and mirroring Watson's and the audience. I was inspired by the music of St. Vincent and Daniel Pemberton's work in both Birds of Prey and Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse. My palette consisted of the driving drums, electric guitar, bass, beats, and vinyl scratch loops that I created using Ableton. Since Sherlock famously plays violin in the original stories, I also wanted to integrate strings. The result was a unique sound that screamed modern while also paying homage to the story's origins.

Director: José Zayas

Scenic Designer: Collette Pollard

Costume Designer: Paul Kim

Lighting Designer: Rachael Cady

Sound Designer: Megan Culley

Stage Manager: Emily White Winter


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