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Pony Up


Pony Up by Mallory Weiss premiered at the New School for Drama in the spring of 2019 and was directed by Andrés López-Alicia. This feminist play focuses on a group of men and women in a stylized Western setting. With a script that utilizes steam trains, radios, and a talking cow who does yoga, the play is set in the Old West while also existing in the present and possibly future West and examines the sexism that dominates our lives. This gave me a lot of freedom when it came to creating a musical palette for this production.

My inspirations for music in this production were varied. As a film score enthusiast, Ennio Morricone was one of my most prominent influences. His main theme for "A Fistful of Dollars" features whistle as the main melodic instrument, whips, bells, guitar, horns, and traditional percussion. To bring in the modern feeling of Americana and country, I turned to artists such as Johnny Cash, the Avett Brothers, and Alison Krauss as inspiration. This palette gave me room to create what feels like a hybrid genre that suited the play.

The overture and the main motif for the show, combining traditional Spaghetti Western palettes with modern guitar

Siblings Rooster and Trout are at odds.

During the stallion heist, Jack appears and things go south.

Jack, Trout, and Ace always have each other's backs, no matter what.

Pearl takes Jack down emotionally when he believes his wife won't leave him.

We meet Pearl Hart, as she robs Jack in his train compartment.

Transition to the Bicycle Shop, owned by Rooster and Trout.

Ruthie, Rooster, and Pearl plan their journey to the coast in search of new lives.

Pearl decides to rob Jack of the prized stallions he bragged about, unaware that he has made the whole thing up.

The women make their journey to the coast on their bicycles.

Cow does yoga and explores the world outside of her enclosure for the first time. It's terrifying. She comes back inside.

The women of the show enjoy a moment of teamwork and solidarity.

Cow eats some grass. She's displeased with the taste. She constructs an arugula salad with balsamic vinaigrette but realizes what she's missing: a dandelion!

Pearl and Ruthie say a loving and emotional goodbye to Cow.

The women get to the coast and savor their newly found freedom.

Rooster teaches Ruthie how to shoot a gun so she can participate in the heist.

By Mallory Weiss
Directed by Andrés López-Alicia
Scenic Design by Raphael Mishler
Lighting Design by Dante Olivia Smith
Costume Design by Grier Coleman
Sound Design by Megan Culley
​Stage Manager: Jonathan Castanien

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