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#Rift is the single most unique production that I have ever taken part in. A dramatization of the real life of playwright Gabriel Jason Dean, this play occurs in three parts. The first part, which was presented in the spring/summer of 2021, happened via text message. Handwritten letters, home photographs, and sound snippets of exposition, conversations, and phone calls were distributed to the audience sporadically throughout the eight-week production period. I was responsible for the sound snippets and compostion.

The play tells the story of two brothers, one a progressive and one an incarcerated white supremacist. The text examines the circumstances of their lives, their ideological differences, and the possibility for redemption and healing. At its heart, the project explores whether it is possible to bridge fundamental political divides. As the story is continuously unfolding in real life, the play was written week by week and explored both the brothers' past and present.

Production Team:

Playwright: Gabriel Jason Dean

Director: Ari Laura Kreith

Dramaturg: Natashia Lindsey

Sound Designer/Composer: Megan Culley

Technical Director: Joey Yow

Technical Team: Natalie Tirendi, Brandon Morrison, and Lily Greenberg


Gabriel Jason Dean as Himself

Trevor St. John-Gilbert as Scrappy

Patricia French as Gabriel's Mom

J. Stephen Brantley as Gabriel's Dad

John P. Keller as Uncle Johnny

Jessica Dean as Female Robo-Voice

Kevin Dougherty as Warden Dozier

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