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Roan @ the Gates

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Roan @ the Gates was produced in January 2019 at Luna Stage in West Orange, NJ. 
The play centers around cyber security and the sacrifices we are willing to make for transparency. The story focuses on a married lesbian couple, Roan and Nat. Nat is a human rights lawyer and Roan is a Cyber Operations Specialist for the CIA, but is unable to tell her wife about her position or even her title. Roan works on data harvesting software, but goes public with her knowledge when she realizes what the government is using her software to do. The play focuses on the disintegration of Roan and Nat's relationship because of her decision and subsequent exile from the United States.

Technology and its presence in our lives is a common theme within this piece, so I composed electronic music and utilized the sounds of our technology. Several familiar melodies (dial-up tones and an early Mac crash sound) were used as inspiration when writing themes. I also used mouse and keyboard clicks to create some of the percussion. The result was a technologically driven soundscape that encompassed the emotional journeys of the characters and constantly reminded us of our dependence. 

The overture, which opens on a nauseous Roan and a busy, but caring, Nat.

Nat feels frustration with the situation and Roan, missing her wife and feeling hurt that Roan didn't confide in her.

Roan gets on her flight after disclosing CIA secrets, but is hiding out in an airport in Moscow as a wanted women.

As the controversy heats up, Roan asks Nat to leave her life and come live in exile with her in Russia.

Nat and Roan are unable to find a way to work through their situation and their marriage ends.

Luna Stage

West Orange, NJ

Director: Michelle Tattenbaum

Playwright: Christina Gorman

Scenic Design: Justin and Christopher Swader

Lighting Design: Marika Kent

Costume Design: Deborah Caney

Sound Design: Megan Culley

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