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Stranger Sings! The Parody Musical


Stranger Sings: the Parody Musical was performed at the Players Theater on MacDougal in the summer of 2021 and was a loving, hilarious parody of the immensely popular Netflix show. The music styles ranged from rock to pop to ballads to techno, so the sound design was flexible in order to get lyrics on top of the various pieces. Since this was a small, long space with few speakers and a live band in the house, our amplification was vital. The actors all had boom mics and we added two small delay speakers to give the back of the house clarity. Lyrics are king in a comedy, so A1 Hayden Bearden and I spent the majority of our finessing time getting vocal intelligibility. Our efforts were successful and audiences laughed out loud every night at the show.

Barb's Turn.jpeg
Will Disappearance.jpeg

There were also many moments that required cue creation. As a huge fan of the Netflix series, I was thrilled to get my chance at designing the Upside Down. I used moving drones, crackles, and far away moans to create the empty and terrifying world. I also had the opportunity to create the sounds of the Demogorgon. I ended up recording my own roars and processing them with reverb, distortion, pitch shifting and a modeled amplifier. The result was a faithful but malleable creature design that was used throughout the show.

Director: Nick Flatto

Composer: Jonathan Hogue

Choreographer: Ashley Marinelli

Music Director: Michael Kaisch

Scenic Designer: James Ortiz

Lighting Designer: Jesse Scott

Costume Designer: Cassie Endicott

Sound Designer: Megan Culley

Stage Manager: Allison Hartfield

A1: Hayden Bearden

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