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The Color Purple

The Color Purple 1.jpeg

In 2018, I had the honor of designing Theatre Horizon's Philadelphia premiere of The Color Purple. Directed by Amina Robinson, a small cast in a small room became a powerhouse production. 

With a live band and 14 vocalists directly in front of the audience, my main challenge was ensuring intelligibility while maintaining the music's inherent energy.  I decided to take advantage of the audience's proximity to the actors. In group numbers, the ensemble level was brought down slightly so the soloists were able to cut through the mix. The acoustic energy from the actors singing so close to the audience kept the songs sounding full and robust. For solo and small group numbers, all of the actors were fully amplified which allowed them freedom to soften during intimate moments or bring the house down during "I'm Here." 

Audiences adored the show. It eventually went on to extend multiple times due to high-demand and won seven Barrymore Awards. 

Director: Amina Robinson
Choreographer: Sanchel Brown
Music Direction: Amanda Morton
Scenic Designer: Sara Outing
Lighting Designer: Alyssandra Docherty
Costume Designer: Elizabeth Ennis

Sound Designer: Megan Culley
Stage Manager: Chelsea Sanz
Sound Engineer: Michael Jacquot
Photography by: Alex Medvick

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