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The Last Match


The Last Match was produced at B Street Theatre in Sacramento, California in the summer of 2019 and was directed by Sherri Eden Barber. The play tells the story of two tennis professionals, one the reigning champion at the end of his career and one an up-and-coming hot-headed Russian. The story unfolds through a match between the two, featuring flashbacks to both of their lives. I used the setting of the match to transfer the audience between present and past. The present featured crowd sounds, music, and tennis volleys. Flashbacks used the sound of a ball being hit to cut all sound and signify the change in time. 

I utilized the speakers in the space to create the game. I placed numerous speakers in the air above the stage that allowed me to volley the ball between the two players wherever they were onstage and used a ring of speakers outside of the audience to create the crowd. I also used the subwoofer to add more emphasis to the hits and to raise the tension with subsonic textures.


One of the biggest recurring moments was several serves in slow motion. I used QLab to begin the sound of a serve, slow it down as the actor went through the motion, and bring it back to real time as they slammed the ball down. This cue took a small moment in the script and created a huge impact in the play.

Director: Sherri Eden Barber

Scenic/Projections Designer: Ian Wallace

Lighting Designer: Wade McKenzie-Bahr

Costume Designer: Paulette Gilbert-Sands

Sound Designer: Megan Culley

Stage Manager: Lynnae Vana/Kaitlyn Speakman

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